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One of the greatest features of wainscoting is the ability to create very unique designs. Look through the different types of wainscot categories we offer. We hope that this small sample of designs will spark your creativity and have you imagining just what that dining room, office or library will look like after a discount Wainscot makeover.  
 Our designers and installers can help you decide on a very affordable design.  

Don't buy some ill fitting kit, we custom design your project to fit.





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Modern Wainscoting designs can range from faux paint or wallpaper to elaborate wood panels that cover the entire wall. Everyone seems to have their favorite.

Look through our collection and you may just find your favorite.



This is truly a trim for kings. Put on the crown and live the luxury.

Simple to extremely creative, it's all up to you. We have the styles, fast installation and low prices. There has never been a better time.



Ceilings are making a come-back. Your sistine chapel is waiting. Well it may not be Michael Angelo doing the work but I bet you love it anyway.

WOW! My ceiling is amazing. Keep up the good work, I'm telling all my friends.



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Baseboard, Chair-Rail, Batten Board, Crown, Raised Rail Panels, Wainscotting of every kind. Look at our photo gallery for a few good ideas.

At the D' Amato Home

My dining room is as boring as my husband

My dining room was as boring as my husband on a Saturday night. But not anymore! Thanks to Discount Wainscot it is the talk of the bridge club.

Since having my dining room done I had Discount Wainscot also complete my master bathroom and bedroom, place crown in my living room and Wainscot the den and extra bedroom.

I am so pleased with the work.


Julia D. Florida